After a video of him crying with burning… wide sympathy for the Iraqi street vendor

This category of those who display their goods in small mobile carts or spread them on sidewalks and roads in Iraq face raids and confiscations carried out by the municipal and catering authorities in various governorates, as they are unlicensed and do not meet the health requirements.

In the video, which received many comments, Nasser Nawaf Hamdan broke down in tears, talking about what happened to him, as he owned a cart in the city of Karbala, but a policeman kicked it with his foot and then prevented him from working, so he had to go to the city of Najaf, to sell water on “Basta” in one of the her graves, revealing that he was harassed and complaining of his misery.

The comments of the pioneers of Iraqi social networks about the video agreed on the need to take into account the conditions of these poor street vendors and to search for ways to organize their work, and not cut off their livelihoods by confiscating and smashing their vehicles and their modest stands through which they barely secure their daily sustenance.

Many of those who watched the video demanded that specific places be allocated for small roving vendors within Iraqi cities and towns, so that the legal and health conditions for their work are met, taking into account their difficult conditions and ensuring their right to earn a livelihood.

Others criticized the behavior of the security forces, wondering about the biggest problems that Iraqis suffer from, away from these simple and needy sellers like Nasser, so that the law will be applied to them while major crises, service, development and livelihood issues in the country are ignored and left unaddressed.

The Iraqi authorities estimate the poverty rate in the country at about 30 percent, or more than 12 and a half million Iraqis out of a total population of more than 41 million people. of natural resources and wealth.

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