14 killed in a suicide bombing in central Somalia on the eve of legislative elections

Mogadishu (AFP) – 02/20/2022. 00:19

14 killed in suicide bombing in central Somalia

At least 14 people, including local political officials, were killed in a suicide bombing that targeted a restaurant in the central Somali city of Beledweyne, which was claimed by the Somali Al-Shabab group. Mogadishu.

Local police official Mahmoud Hassan said that a number of those wounded in the explosion died in hospital of their wounds, noting that local officials were among the dead. “This is the worst attack I have seen in this city,” he said.

In a statement claiming the attack, Al-Shabab announced that “a martyr of the youth entered the site, and according to eyewitnesses, the huge explosion destroyed an outside area of ​​the restaurant where people were sitting under trees to have lunch and rest.”

and saw Somaliaand in particular Mogadishu, a series of attacks in the past weeks at a time when the country is preparing to organize elections that have been postponed repeatedly.

The country is supposed to complete the legislative elections, which were delayed by more than a year, no later than February 25, according to a timetable.

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