Washington: A nuclear agreement will be reached within days if Iran shows “seriousness”

A US State Department spokesman told AFP that “significant progress has been made in the past week”, but “there will be no comprehensive agreement unless the smallest details are agreed upon.”

“We can and should reach an understanding on a mutual return to full implementation of the JCPOA within days,” he added, referring to the 2015 agreement that is supposed to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb.

The spokesman stressed that any delay “going much more than that, would expose the possibility of returning to the agreement to a grave danger.”

During the current talks to revive the 2015 agreement, the Westerners are stressing the need to speed up the understanding given the acceleration of Iran’s nuclear activities and the shortening of the time needed by Tehran to produce an amount of highly enriched uranium sufficient for use in the production of an atomic weapon.

On Thursday, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei reiterated that Iran is not seeking to develop an atomic weapon, considering that accusing it of doing so is a “ridiculous claim”, with talks to revive the agreement on its nuclear program reaching critical stages.

In 2015, Iran concluded an agreement on its nuclear program with the United States, France, Britain, Russia, China and Germany, which allowed the lifting of sanctions imposed on Iran, in exchange for limiting its nuclear activities and ensuring the peace of its program.

However, its effects have become null and void since former US President Donald Trump decided to unilaterally withdraw his country from it in 2018, re-imposing severe sanctions on Tehran. The latter responded by beginning to gradually withdraw from many of its commitments under the agreement.

For months, Iran and the powers that are still involved in the agreement, with indirect US participation, have been engaged in talks in Vienna aimed at achieving the return of Washington and Tehran to full respect for its provisions.

Tehran stresses the priority of lifting the sanctions of the post-Trump withdrawal from the agreement, verifying this in practice, and obtaining guarantees that the US withdrawal will not be repeated.

On the other hand, the United States and the European parties focus on Iran’s return to full respect for its commitments in the agreement.

And the chief Iranian negotiator confirmed via Twitter, Wednesday, that “after weeks of intense negotiations, we are closer to reaching an agreement than ever before, but unless everything is agreed upon, nothing will be agreed upon,” considering that the matter is back now. To the “negotiating partners” to make “serious decisions”.

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