US Defense Secretary: Hand in hand with Poland to deter any Russian aggression

The US Secretary of Defense stressed that there is a “special link” between the US and Polish army, before declaring the US army’s full support for Polish lands, by providing thousands of tanks, in addition to working alongside Polish forces, to deter any Russian attack.

Austin said that Europe faces major challenges to peace and security in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, stressing that the United States will continue to support its allies in Eastern Europe.

He pointed out that “the time is still ripe for a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis.”

And the US Defense Secretary warned of a wave of asylum to Poland, if Russia invaded Ukrainian territory.

Austin also confirmed the words of the Western camp, that “there is no evidence that the Russian army moved its soldiers away from the Ukrainian border.”

As for the Polish Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaschak, he attacked Russia by saying that “Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to restore the Russian Empire.”

The Polish Defense Minister stressed his country’s readiness to confront any Russian aggression.

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