Two leaders of anti-Covid protests arrested in Canada

Ottawa (AFP) – February 18, 2022. 10:14

One of the leaders of the anti-Covid protests in Canada has been arrested

  • Pictures showed Lynch handcuffed to a police car
  • Groups of police officers stationed in the streets of Ottawa to confront the demonstrators
  • Security action to end truck drivers’ protest

arrested Canadian police Tamara Lynch, one of the leaders of the anti-Covid-19 protests in Canada According to the official account of the protest movement, in a tweet on Twitter, accompanied by a videotape.

Lynch was arrested without resistance. Hours earlier, when police gave an ultimatum to the protesters, Lynch posted a video on social media in which she said her arrest was “now inevitable.”

Pictures showed Lynch handcuffed to a police car, surrounded by two policemen, telling her comrades to “hold on.”

Prior to that, Chris Barber, one of the leaders of the protest movement, was also arrested in an operation that was quietly filmed and posted on social networks.

For the first time since the beginning of the protest movement, groups of police were stationed in a large way Thursday in the streets of Ottawa, confronting the demonstrators and hundreds of trucks blocking the streets.

A security move to end the protest.

And Ottawa’s acting police chief, Steve Bell, announced at a press conference Thursday that a security move to end the protest of truck drivers who have been besieging the center of the Canadian capital for three weeks is “imminent.”

Bell said the authorities “began to tighten the cordon around the protests,” including placing security obstacles and restricting access to the city center where truck drivers opposed to the Covid measures congregate.

The protests began with truck drivers refusing the mandatory requirement to be vaccinated against Covid to cross the US border, but demands increased to include the abolition of all health measures. The protests cut off six border crossings, including a strategic trade route across the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau activated the emergency law that gives the government sweeping new powers to end the protests, only the second time in Canada’s history that this measure has been activated.

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