Trending now | In the video, a groom hits his bride on the wedding day in Egypt, then they reconcile

Egypt (news now) – February 18, 2022. 20:30

In Ismailia: Alaqah on her wedding day.. Chahar between a groom and his bride on the wedding day

In a very unfortunate incident that took place in the city of Ismailia, Egypt, a groom quarrels with his bride while she is wearing a wedding dress and all her accessories immediately after leaving the beauty center.. an unenviable situation for the bride on a day that is supposed to be her happiest day, which made her lose consciousness.

Under the title “A ‘leqa” on the day of her joy, the video quickly spread on the communication sites and was transmitted by Egyptian media, speaking about the cause of the quarrel. The story that spread on social media states that the groom’s sister informed her brother that his bride had raised her voice to her, which made him angry and assaulted her in front of passers-by. As soon as she left our beauty center, the bride was exposed to injuries, which necessitated a report at the police station.

Reconciliation video in the marital home

The bride did not return to her family’s home.. The surprise is that after the quarrel and the beating, the newlyweds reconciled and to ease the anger on social media about the man’s insulting to his wife on her wedding day, video images from the marital home.

A number of those who watched the video were not convinced by the husband’s story that she lost consciousness on her own, especially since they saw with their own eyes his abuse of her. Although she was a victim and did not rejoice like all girls on the day of life, she was beaten and insulted, so she reconciled with him. This provoked many, and they considered her reconciled to accept the insult in this way.

Maha Morsi, head of the National Council for Women, had written a post on Facebook in this regard, “Oh, my man.” Men do not hit women

Oh man, you hit your wife while she’s in a dress of joy
Man, you hit her in the street and in front of people
O bride, you have made peace, but remember that reconciliation is not at all good in your case….
We will never be surprised if he recklessly kills you
Or he beats you in front of your children or on the street again while you are with the children….
The absence of education, respect and women are the beginning of the collapse of the family.

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How do you see the incident from your point of view? Is the bride wrong for them by reconciling with her groom after hitting her on her wedding day, or is she free in her life and no one has the right to interfere in it?


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