Thwarting the smuggling of 700,000 Captagon pills from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia

Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam al-Mawlawi revealed what he described as a “new and qualitative achievement” by the Internal Security Forces in Lebanon, which managed to thwart a new operation to smuggle 700,000 Captagon pills from Lebanon to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Thwarting the smuggling of 700,000 Captagon pills from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia

A new and qualitative achievement for the Information Division

The Lebanese Minister of Interior said in a tweet to him on the micro social networking site “Twitter” today, Friday: “A new and qualitative achievement by the Information Division in the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces, which was able to thwart the smuggling of 700,000 Captagon pills that were intended to be transported by truck to Saudi Arabia.”

Lebanese security arrests “traders of death”

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Mawlawi explained that after a careful monitoring process, the Lebanese citizen (R.M) was arrested in the Bekaa, and as a result of his investigation, it was found that he was linked to the wanted (GD), the brother of one of the detainees and involved in the largest smuggling of Captagon pills to the Arab countries, describing them as “traders of death.” ».

He added: “With determination and will, the security forces managed within a week to thwart 3 drug smuggling operations, and they are continuing to do so in order to prevent the export of harm and evil to our brothers and to protect our society and the societies of Arab countries.”

Saudi-Lebanese relations have been going through difficult circumstances for some time, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had recommended its citizens not to travel to Lebanon within a group of countries due to the Corona virus pandemic, while observers saw that this decision was due to deeper causes and political problems that are still stuck between the two countries since the crisis that It started after the statements of the former Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi.

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