“Ryan’s plight” is repeated in Afghanistan… and a video monitors Haider inside the well

The child Haider, 5, fell into a well in the Jaldak district of Zabul province in southern Afghanistan, and social media pioneers circulated pictures of the rescue operation under the hashtag (Save Haider).

And the Afghan news agency (pajhwok) said that successive attempts failed to reach the child, until the night of Thursday and Friday.

Hadeer fell into the well on Wednesday, and since then, rescue efforts have been unsuccessful.

In a scenario similar to the story of the Moroccan child Rayan, a local official in Zabul told the Afghan agency that the excavation process is progressing slowly, due to the rocky nature of the area.

The province used drilling equipment from the neighboring province of Kandahar, but it did not make much difference in the rescue operation.

“The child’s condition is serious because he has stopped crying and may have fallen asleep,” the official said.

The child is stuck about a meter from the end of the well, which is 25 meters deep, and residents say that the child is in a dangerous situation, due to the lack of advanced equipment.

Videos spread on social media, showing that the Afghan child, Haider, wearing a blue jacket, was sitting stuck at the bottom of the well, his shoulders on the wall and clearly able to move his arms and upper body.

The images were obtained by a camera placed by a wire in the cavity, where the child was heard crying and groaning, and in another clip he was heard talking to his father in a farther voice.

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