One million euros a week!.. Paris offer to Mbappe

French club announced “Paris Saint-Germain” After news and rumors that the Parisian player did not go.”Kylian Mbappe For Meringue after the French victory “Paris Saint-Germain” With a score of 1-0 against Real Madrid in the first round matches of the League Europe champions score it Mbappe In the 94th minute of the match.

One million euros a week!...Paris' offer for Mbappe

After many suspicious rumors prevailed about the refusal to move the French “Kylian Mbappe” The player number “7” in the French club “Paris Saint-Germain” “For Meringue” spanish club club “Real Madrid” As the player has seen that the Spanish club is a weak club and cannot compete for championships in Europe, and that the player has given up the consideration of moving to him, as he stated that he believes that the English club is a club “Liverpool” Who is under the leadership of the German coach Jurgen Klopp It is an integrated project away from the money, as he sees that the club is more powerful than the Meringue and that his going to the Spanish club is a club “Real Madrid” It will not benefit anything, and there will be no renewal of the team, according to reports published by the Spanish newspaper newspaper “Sport”.

A disaster for Real Madrid... Mbappe is thinking again of going to Madrid
A disaster for Real Madrid… Mbappe is considering going to Madrid again

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After all this, the French club made a very attractive offer to the French player “Mbappe” The value of this offer has reached “One Million Euros a Week” To keep the player, whose contract will expire next January, and thus the Frenchman will become the owner of the most expensive contract in the flag if he accepts that offer.

Will Mbappe accept the Paris offer, or will he move to another club?

One million euros a week!...Paris' offer for Mbappe
One Million Euros a Week!…Paris Offer for Mbappe

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