The importance of Snapchat points and how to increase their number

There is no doubt that the number of Snapchat points is a very important indicator of many things related to this account, as it indicates the activity of its owner as well as the importance of this account on the application, and from this point of view, many sought to increase those points, but some still So far, he does not realize its importance and does not know how to work on increasing it, so their accounts remain forever unimportant and do not achieve a wide spread on this application, which makes the number of followers few, and for this we will explain in this article some important things related to these points so that everyone can deal with them professionally Big enough to make his account stand out.

increase snapchat points

What do you know about snapchat points?

If you are ignorant of the matter and the usefulness of snapchat points, so it was necessary to define them before going into how to increase them. These points are those numbers that appear in front of your name on your profile within the snapchat, and when you send pictures or videos on your account and your followers and also receive them. Increasing the number of your points on the snap, and the greater the number of those points, this indicates the value of your account and its value among other accounts.

The importance of Snapchat points and how to increase their number 1 17/2/2022 - 3:06 PM

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How to increase snapchat points quickly

Every snapchat user desperately wants to increase the number of snapchat points, which makes those accounts distinct and achieve a wide spread, and among the most important steps that will help you increase snapchat points are the following:
• Send screenshots permanently
It’s important to know that every shot sent, whether it’s a photo or a video, increases your score by one point.
• Send snapshots to your friends at once
When you send several snapshots to a number of friends, each snapshot earns you a point, and to do this click on the blue arrow on the right with the aim of sending, then choose your friends through the list and then click on their names and then click on the arrow again in order to send the snapshot and win the largest number of points.

The importance of Snapchat points and how to increase their number 2 17/2/2022 - 3:06 PM

It also depends on the extent of your interaction, which you can increase in several ways:
• Open the Snapchat app.
• Then search for famous Snapchat accounts and you should follow the largest number of them, especially those that are compatible with your interests and tendencies.
• Of course, your comment on what the owners of those accounts publish will make your account known among the owners of those interests.
• Take care of your relationships and make them valuable and add new information in the field of the published video if possible.

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