Military and diplomatic escalation: Will Russia invade Ukraine soon?

studio now – February 18, 2022. 03:30

How long will Russia continue its escalation against Ukraine?

6 member states confirmed the European UnionAny military aggression by Russia against Ukraine would have “serious consequences” and “unprecedented costs”.

The six countries, which are France, Germany, Ireland, Estonia, Albania and Norway, stressed in a joint statement issued after the Security Council session on the situation in Ukraine held Thursday, their full support for the independence of the country.

Sovereignty and territorial integrity Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders in accordance with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

It also called on these countries to fully implement the Minsk agreements, starting with the unconditional commitment to the ceasefire, and demanded that Russia engage constructively and fulfill all its obligations, including on humanitarian issues.

and security, to make progress in the full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

For his part, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday that the alliance is concerned that Russia is trying to create a pretext to invade Ukraine, commenting on reports of bombing across the ceasefire line in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine.

“We are concerned that Russia is trying to create a pretext for an armed attack on Ukraine, and there is still no clarity or certainty about Russian intentions,” he said after a two-day meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels.

Moscow escalates diplomatically

The US State Department announced Thursday that Russia Bart Gorman, the second official at the US Embassy in Moscow, was expelled, denouncing an “escalation” over the Ukraine crisis.

“We call on Russia to stop the baseless expulsions of American diplomats” and “we are studying our response,” a US State Department spokesman said.

He explained that the diplomat left Russia “last week”.

This announcement comes as Moscow delivered to US Ambassador John Sullivan its written response to Washington’s proposals regarding security in Europe, and while the US government accused Russia of heading towards an “imminent invasion” of Ukraine.

An upcoming attack on Ukraine

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken urged Russia to “abandon the course of war,” during a session of the UN Security Council in New York on the Ukraine crisis.

He is here today, not to start a war, but to avoid its outbreak,” noting that he suggested to his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, that they meet “next week in Europe.”

“I have no doubt that the response to my statements here today will be more denial on the part of the Russian government,” he added. He said, “Our information clearly shows” that the Russian forces massed on the Ukrainian border, “including…

It has ground forces and aircraft, preparing to launch an attack on Ukraine in the coming days.”

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