In support of the green revolution.. Dubai hosts the Independent Food Summit

Dubai (press release) – February 17, 2022. 23:45

Food Security.. The Future of Food Summit discusses challenges and develops solutions

  • Dubai World Trade Center organizes the Future of Food Summit
  • The International Finance Corporation is preparing to invest one billion dollars in the agricultural business sector
  • Dubai opens a new phase in leading food production trends in the region

go off Future of Food Summit The International Exhibition of Agricultural Technologies and Innovation at the Center Dubai For the exhibitions on February 23 and 24, where the most important personalities and active companies in the food sector will meet to discuss the challenges related to the inability of the agricultural production sector to meet the growing food needs, in light of the rising population, which is expected to reach 10 billion people around the world by 2050.

It hosts the first summit of its kind, organized by Dubai World Trade Centerover 150 speakers from the industry’s most important thought leaders, along with a number of leading food and agri-tech companies and start-ups from over 50 countries.

The events hosted by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in cooperation with the strategic partner “Food and Agriculture Organization” of the United Nations represent an ideal opportunity for leading companies in the field of innovation to advance global efforts aimed at achieving “food security” in the world.

The International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group, which is concerned with improving the quality of life for people in developing countries through advanced economic development and encouraging the prosperity of the private sector, emphasizes the pivotal role of cooperation between the public and private sectors in shaping a sustainable and secure future.

Cooperation between governments, the private sector and consumers

Director of the Agriculture and Food Sector at the International Finance Corporation Prasad Gopalan He said, “You can’t deal with challenges Food security As an independent crisis, as meeting the food needs of the population of the earth requires concerted efforts of governments and the private sector, and we focus our investments in the International Finance Corporation on the agricultural business sector, as we aim to contribute to achieving food security by providing advice, providing opportunities for economic progress, and enhancing activity Trade and expanding value chains by activating the participation of small investors and small and medium-sized companies and enhancing the role of women in the sector.

Gopalan added, “Cooperation between governments, industry companies, consumers and other stakeholders has proven to be critical in building effective, safe and sustainable systems that support food security and enhance food safety.

Determining the aspects that benefit from this cooperation depends on several factors imposed by the nature of each country; This requires overcoming the challenges that limit the efficiency of agricultural activity and maintaining acceptable prices for food products; In addition to improving the infrastructure, in its basic and technical aspects, and providing essential supply services to farmers and the rest of the supply chain, and this, in conjunction with the establishment of balanced regulations, provides the appropriate ground for enhancing aspects of prosperity and innovation in the private sector by overcoming current and future food security challenges.

While achieving success in this area requires investment in the agribusiness sector, the International Finance Corporation is expected to provide approximately $1 billion in cumulative investments over the next decade to supply the agribusiness sector in the Middle East throughout the entire agricultural value chain, starting with the supply chain. From production and processing operations to distribution and food retail stores.

Gopalan added, “All our efforts are in line with our strategic vision to achieve food security and develop the food sector. It also aims to develop the links and efficiency of value chain elements and consolidate the position of sustainability in stimulating the success of various businesses.”

He added, “We realize the pivotal role of technology and the business models based on it in the future of investment, with an increased interest in keeping pace with its latest developments to improve the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of operations, in addition to enhancing the appropriate financing available for all supply chains to raise the level of sustainability enjoyed by the sector, and we must not neglect The fundamental role of climate in the development process of the agribusiness sector, as sustainable development requires, as our central priority, to fortify the sector by encouraging innovation to mitigate undesirable effects on the climate while enhancing food security.”

Increase global awareness

In turn, André Labriere, CEO ofGodan Company Specialized in providing open global data in the field of agriculture and food, stressing the importance of the summit’s role in raising global awareness: “The importance of increasing global awareness about the impact of disruptions in global food systems, food waste and climate change on food security.”

“Through this summit, we seek to encourage partnerships and take concrete measures to find appropriate solutions to the problem of food security,” added Labriere, who is participating in the leadership exchange seminar at the summit.

Henry Gordon Smith, founder and CEO of Agritechture, a global leader in controlled urban and eco-agriculture consultancy, said: “Our goal is to create a frank conversation about global problems facing the food system and impacting society, encouraging innovation companies to collaborate to find the right solutions.” .

Gordon Smith, who is leading a panel discussion entitled “Urban Agriculture between the Past, Present and the Future”, stressing the importance of raising awareness and analyzing the available data to address the problems of urban agriculture: “I seek to perpetuate the idea that there is a lot of evidence that confirms the benefit of urban agriculture when properly invested, attendance, promoting hope for the future and paving the way for successful change.”
Regional innovation companies and event organizers point to the importance of Dubai’s hosting of the Future Food Summit and the International Exhibition for Agricultural Technologies and Innovation in enhancing the emirate’s leading position in the global food sector and its main role in leading the tide of change towards achieving food security.

agricultural technology revolution

On her part, Nikita Patel said, Oasis Greens FoundationThe UAE’s newest farm of fresh, pesticide-free produce, highlights the importance of the summit in strengthening the UAE’s position at the forefront of the agricultural technology revolution.

Patel said: “We are preparing in the UAE to enhance agricultural capabilities and transform the country into a distinguished center in the region to enhance food security, and I am looking forward, as the manager of one of the farms for hydroponics in the UAE, to share best practices through this summit and communicate with other stakeholders in the UAE agricultural sector, so that together we can building strong, sustainable food systems.

Trixie LohMirmand, Executive Vice President of Events Management at Dubai World Trade Centre, organizers of the Future Food Summit, said: “The Summit is an exceptional event that brings together leaders of the food and agri-tech sector in the world to present innovative and comprehensive ideas to delegates and visitors on various important topics such as Agriculture 4.0, agricultural crop technology, agriculture and health, and aquaculture, which together are the fastest growing areas in the food and animal husbandry sector, whose production is expected to reach US$275 billion over the next three years.

“The summit is an effective program that will achieve important results at an exceptional stage through the cooperation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment as they seek to promote transformation processes in the agri-food systems in the Middle East and secure future food needs,” added LohMirmand.

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