From Mauritania.. FIFA launches football project in African schools

The Mauritanian capital was chosen by FIFA to launch the “Football for Schools” program in Africa, making Mauritania the first country on the African continent to benefit from this ambitious project to develop football in schools.

According to the Mauritanian Football Federation, the “Football for Schools” program is a project launched by FIFA in mid-2019 – in cooperation with UNESCO – to facilitate the practice of this sport for children all over the world by integrating it into physical education programs and extracurricular activities.

This program will contribute to the education and development of boys and girls by making appropriate procedures and tools available to teachers, especially through online platforms and applications.

Why Mauritania?

The Secretary-General of the Mauritanian Football Association, Ahmed Ould Emberik, explained the selection of Mauritania as the first African country in which this program is implemented, saying that “FIFA considers Mauritania an example through the two parties’ previous interactions.”

Ould Emberik explained to Sky News Arabia that, “Since 2012, starting with the “Performence” program, and until now, whenever there is a well-implemented program, it makes us “pass the exam successfully.” Therefore, the International Federation wants to show others the Mauritanian model, and the FIFA President previously And he called on the football federations to review the Mauritanian experience and see what it has accomplished.. Indeed, last year we received four representatives of African football federations who came to Nouakchott to witness the achievement and be familiar with it.

This confidence was expressed by FIFA Secretary-General Fatima Samoura in a joint press conference with the President of the Mauritanian Football Federation, Ahmed Ould Yahya, who considered that the choice of Mauritania to launch this project “came within the framework of the FIFA’s view of it as a model country in the acceleration of the pace of football development.”

For his part, Ould Yahya valued the confidence of the International Federation in his country, pledging to do everything that would help in the success of this project.

We are waiting for football

And what the Mauritanian Football Federation expects from this program, the Secretary-General said, speaking to “Sky News Arabia”: “We hope to revitalize school football… This activity has disappeared due to many factors, including the lack of playgrounds and sports arenas in schools and the lack of attention of students and their families to exercise.” .

Ahmed Emberik explains that “it is necessary to work in the first stage to spread the culture of playing football in the school environment, which will allow the discovery of talents at an early stage,” expecting that the results of this program will begin to appear after about five years.

Many football personalities have called for the necessity of developing school football in Africa to help children play that game they love. The last of them was the coach of the Saudi national football team, French Herve Renard, who said in a video to the FIFA Media Center on Wednesday: “The school stage is the beginning and the foundation, We know very well that children in Africa play on the roads and on the sand, on the mud, on the asphalt roads and sometimes even barefoot.”

It is scheduled that this project financed by FIFA will include more than 200 countries at a later time, after it was officially launched from Mauritania as the first country to benefit from it.

FIFA will distribute in-kind aid, including football and school equipment, to a large number of schools around the world; As this project will benefit nearly 700 million children.

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