6 “strange” symptoms confirm the infection with “Omicron”

Day after day, “Omicron” still reveals many symptoms, beyond a runny nose and sore throat, some of which appear on the skin.

And the British newspaper quoted Professor Tim Spector, that people with the mutation “Omicron”, may only suffer from symptoms at the level of the digestive system, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating, heartburn and diarrhea.

Doctors recommend, in the event of these symptoms, immediate self-isolation, and a test to detect infection with the Corona virus.

It is also known that patients with “Omicron” complain of hypersensitivity to pain that includes all parts of the body, and there is another sign that appears on “Omicron” patients, before they feel the symptoms appear on their bodies, which is a rough or hoarse voice.

Voice impairment is associated with sore throat, which is the most prominent symptom of the new mutant so far, as it serves as an early warning of infection with “Omicron”.

It is noteworthy that the “Omicron” mutant was first discovered in Botswana and South Africa in November last year, before it became the most widespread mutant in the world, and it has been registered so far in 140 countries.

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