Why Saudi Arabia grows a large number of trees?

Unaizah – Saudi Arabia (Reuters) – 02/16/2022. 17:31

In defense of the climate.. Saudi Arabia is planting a lot of drought-tolerant Al-Ghada tree

  • Saudi Arabia intends to plant 250 thousand of the Ghada tree in defense of the climate.
  • The Kingdom aims to plant ten billion trees in the coming decades.

At a time when drought is sweeping the Middle East region, Saudi environmental activist Abdullah Al-Abdul-Jabbar sees a shining side for deserts.. It is the Al-Ghada tree that does not produce seeds until it becomes drier, while allowing for more cultivation.

In the vast desert of Qassim, the Kingdom.

Over the centuries, millions of these trees provided firewood, animal fodder, and relief from the desert heat for the Bedouins, the ancestors of modern Saudis.

The roots of this tree also bind the sand around it, which helps reduce sandstorms.

Al-Abd Al-Jabbar, Vice-President of Ghada Environmental Society, said, “This Ghada, the heritage of Onaizah and the symbol of Onaizah, was preserved by our forefathers since ancient times, about 150 years ago.

One of these trees this year is in Unayzah, in the central Qassim region.

The planting of Ghada trees is part of a green initiative of the Saudi government aimed at reducing carbon emissions, pollution and land degradation.

The kingdom aims to plant 10 billion trees in the coming decades as part of an ambitious campaign revealed last year by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh also plans to work with Arab countries

Another is to plant an additional 40 billion trees across the Middle East.

Many countries in the Middle East suffer from high temperatures and longer and more frequent droughts, which put pressure on water supplies and food production.

The Ghada tree can live for months without a drop of water and thrive in particularly harsh environments where temperatures can rise to 58 degrees Celsius. The Gulf region is one of the hottest regions on Earth.

The Guinness Book of Records recorded Al Ghada Parks in Unaizah in Saudi Arabia Last year as the world’s largest botanical garden for green trees. The parks cover an area of ​​172 square kilometres.

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