The Ukraine crisis .. “sarcastic advice” from a Russian diplomat to Western leaders

“I think they need to consult a good doctor, I recommend that they do it, and that the doctor be a specialist in cases of paranoia,” Dmitry Polyansky said, denying that Russia had any intention of attacking its neighbor the former Soviet republic.

“Our soldiers are on our land and do not pose a threat to anyone,” he added.

When asked about the size of the Russian deployment, which Moscow says is part of military exercises with its ally Belarus, he replied: “I don’t know about the numbers, because there is a lot of speculation about that.”

“I think the maneuvers with Belarus will be over in a week. As for the other soldiers, I don’t know,” Polyansky said.

On Tuesday, the United States demanded that Moscow show evidence of a “de-escalation”, after Russia announced that some of its forces had withdrawn from the border.

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