“Shocking numbers” in Iraq… The scourge of divorce raises the alarm

Baghdad governorate came first in terms of divorce cases, and according to the statistics, 6486 divorce cases occurred in various Iraqi governorates, except for the Kurdistan region, where Baghdad governorate topped the divorce cases with 2390 cases.

Although it is not the first time that Iraqi courts have recorded such a large number of divorce cases between spouses, the continuation of this escalating pace over many months constitutes a danger threatening social stability, and exposes the future of thousands of Iraqi families to loss and dispersal, according to social experts and human rights activists.

Regarding these fixed numbers of high divorce rates in Iraqi society, the Iraqi human rights activist, Nour Nafeh, said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “It is unfortunate that divorce rates are on a very worrying annual rise in Iraq, and this directly is a tragic indication of the The spread of family disintegration, the collapse of homes and the fragmentation of families.

the reasons

The reasons behind this are quite clear, according to Nour, who adds: “The most prominent of which is the psychological state experienced by most of the Iraqi people due to unemployment, poverty and other economic and living crises, which affect the building of a secure future for any couple, as there may be personal personal factors that encourage divorce, and this Because of the couple’s lack of culture and awareness, which leads to resorting to a solution to divorce at the simplest problem.”

We do not forget the negative role here of the practices and incidents of domestic violence and underage marriage in raising the rate of divorce, as the Iraqi activist says.

Regarding the solutions required to curb this phenomenon, she responds: “It is not possible to reduce the phenomenon of divorce without establishing a societal awareness based on respect for women, non-marriage of minors, and economic prosperity in the country.”

As for the member of the Iraqi Women’s Rights Organization, Sarah Al-Hasani, says in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “The rise in divorce cases is not new in recent years in Iraq, where many social and behavioral factors and transformations have occurred, including those related to the issue of conviction and family bonding and the lack of Previous marriages between minors, unlike the present.

And she adds: “The emergence of technology and modern means of communication, and the basic concepts of the marital relationship until they differ, as well as the ease of committing marital infidelity from both parties to some due to the spread of communication sites and their misuse and employment by them.”

The living situation has also become a central part of these reasons, as Al-Hasani explains, by saying: “Living with parents is an example and the lack of independence due to the difficulty of providing housing, which leads to severe family problems, which often leads to divorce, which remains the lesser of two evils compared to marital violence. Violence is a major part of The catalysts for the escalation of the phenomenon of divorce, due to the high level of awareness of Iraqi women to respect themselves and their rejection of the culture of beating and violence by husbands, and this is of course a positive development regardless of the issue of divorce.

Repeal Article 41

One of the most important ways to solve this social scourge is besieging and combating domestic violence cases as one of the main causes of divorce, according to Al-Hassani, adding: “which is through the abolition of Article 41 of the Iraqi Penal Code, which permits what it calls the discipline of the wife, and the enactment of laws such as child protection and opposition Domestic violence, which will contribute to reducing the escalation of violence and divorce cases as a result.

The Iraqi human rights activist continues, listing the reasons for the high divorce rates in Iraq, by saying: “Allowing minors to marry with the consent of the guardian and marriage outside the courts are also among the reasons for the exacerbation of divorce cases. Minors are neither aware nor aware of the responsibilities and burdens of marital life, and they are even emotionally and sexually Physically unfit for marriage.

She stressed that marriage “is not only a sexual relationship and the birth of children, because the sequence of stages of choosing a life partner is a matter that requires awareness and guidance and facing these stages with their sweet and bitter so that one can make the right choice in the end, and this is not readily available for those in childhood and adolescence.” .

Change begins with the laws and organization of society and then individuals through awareness, otherwise we will witness the rise of these alarming numbers in divorce and violence cases constantly and over the coming years, as concluded by the member of the Iraqi Women Organization.

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