“Saim Fater” .. A film about the trip with “Friend the Enemy”

And the journey of making the movie “Saim Fater” began only about a month after the death of the father of its director, Mahmoud Abu Bakr, after a long struggle for 20 years with diabetes. In November 2021, the film was released on social media platforms.

Director Mahmoud Abu Bakr says: “The last months leading up to my father’s death were terrifying, and with his passing, I decided to turn the energy of anger and sadness inside me into a documentary work about diabetes, so that no one would live my sad experience again, and I began the journey of making (Saim Fater) “. .

Abu Bakr added to “Sky News Arabia”: “(Saim Fater) presents a direct message to the reader, which is: Diabetes can be a fierce friend or enemy, and it depends on your ability to deal with it.”

the story

There are three main protagonists of the Egyptian documentary: diabetics, specialized doctors, and a cartoon character named “Ali”.

The events move from discovering the injury, to living with it, and the difficulties that each patient faces during this journey, especially the frustration with the ideal lifestyle for the diabetic patient.

As you follow the events of (Saim Fatir), you will listen to many statistical information related to the disease: figures related to its global prevalence rate, specifically in Egypt, and some historical information about diabetes, which is one of the oldest diseases in human history, and the famous global experiences that contributed to identifying its causes. and ways to treat it.

The Egyptian director, Mahmoud Abu Bakr, explains that he relied on a storytelling method that relies on intimidation and enticement. “We do not want to put the viewer in front of a black image, but rather take all necessary measures so that diabetes does not destroy his life, especially since its complications affect the rest of the body’s organs.”

The film also provides, in one of its chapters, a simplified explanation of the causes of diabetes, as a result of a defect in the work of the “pancreas”, and how its symptoms appear on the patient.

Industry Journey

The journey of making “Saim Fater” began in December 2020, relying on two filming teams, one in Cairo and the other in Minya and some governorates of Upper Egypt, and to break the large dose of information presented during the film, a part of it was presented with animation.

Abu Bakr points out that the “Saim Fater” team volunteered completely to make the film come to light, adding, “The film was produced with self-efforts. .

And he added, “We had no intention of sharing the film in film festivals, and we decided to publish it on social media platforms, so that it would be available to the public for free. Influencing the largest segment of the audience was the most important goal.”

Abu Bakr also explains that he was not interested in filming scenes that monitor the details of the daily lives of diabetics, “because the diabetic in the end can lead his life normally, and it is sufficient for the viewer to listen to the participants’ ability to face the disease, and their motivational messages at the end of the film.”

The film touched on the dangers of “folk medicine” and “diet” prevalent in Egypt, and their contribution to increasing the rates of diabetes, so that Egypt ranked eighth globally, and first in the Arab world in terms of the number of “diabetics.”

It is worth noting that “Saim Fater” is the fourth of Abu Bakr’s works, after “The Gray Zone”, “Internet 3.0”, and “Day Zero”.


Abu Bakr expressed his happiness with some of the reactions he received about the film from diabetics or their close circles, who explained that “Saim Fater” contributed to increasing their awareness of the disease, and served as a wake-up call to stop some of the bad daily habits that affect patients. Negative diabetes.

The Egyptian director concludes his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, wishing that his film would reach a wide audience in the coming period.

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