Morocco.. A mother buries her baby alive days after her birth

Krsif – Morocco (news now) – 02/16/2022. 11:06

A tragic accident shook the northeastern city of Karsif in Morocco

Under the cover of gloomy darkness, a mother buried her infant alive in one of the peasant farms. This tragic incident shook hearts MoroccansAnd in the details of the incident, a single mother did this because she was pregnant illegally

He prompted her to get rid of her newborn by burying her alive, according to media outlets, but the royal gendarmerie in the area managed to conduct the necessary investigations, and she was led to the place of burial of the girl in the northeastern city of Kercif in Morocco, West, sunset.

The mother justified this action during her interrogation by the royal gendarmerie, for her fear of “stigma”, because “the pregnancy was not legitimate,” she said.

This incident sparked a state of shock, especially in light of the presence of a number of charitable institutions that take care of such humanitarian cases.

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