What is the solution to defuse the crisis between Russia and Ukraine?

Kiev (news now) – February 15, 2022. 07:33

Is Ukraine’s renunciation of joining NATO is the solution?

  • Al-Alami: Ukraine may give up joining NATO
  • Al-Zoubi: Ukrainian statements in Britain were misinterpreted

communicate diplomatic efforts to defuse the crisis between Ukraine and Russia, amid warnings from Washington that Moscow, which has massed more than 100,000 troops around Ukraine’s borders, could invade its western neighbor within days.

In this regard, writer and political analyst Dr. Wael Al-Alami told “Studio Now” that the new round of European talks has begun to produce positive results, and Ukraine may give up joining NATO.

The results of the talks with Russia

He added that “all the diplomatic mediations and dialogues held between the United States and Russia on one side, and NATO and Russia on the other, as well as the parties to the Minsk Agreement, all these discussions did not produce results to resolve this crisis.”

And he added, “The intensity of the statements decreased during the past hours,” noting that “the Ukrainian ambassador in London said that his country might give up joining NATO, in a step that might satisfy Moscow and make it back off from invading Ukraine.”

For his part, writer and political analyst Hussain Al-Zoubi told Studio Now that: Ukraine She retracted her statements in Britain and confirmed that she would not back down from joining NATO because the matter was linked to the Western desire.

“Kiev will not retreat from its desire to join NATO, if Ukraine retreats, this means the West and Washington will retreat, which means an additional point for Russia,” he added.

Writer and political analyst Hussein Al-Zoubi: Moscow is looking for calm now

He pointed out that “the recent statements, which raised the ceiling of escalation, are to achieve additional gains on the ground, and Putin is now in real trouble.”

“Moscow is looking for calm now, and this was evident in the Russian media,” he added.

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