Putin: We do not want war, but there are no positive responses to our proposals

Putin added, “We talked about the Russian point of view regarding the proposals related to the security guarantees Russia gave to America and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). We discussed a number of demands related to NATO’s non-expansion to the east, its abandonment of the deployment of offensive weapons along the Russian borders, and the return of the Atlantic infrastructure. back to what it was in 1997.

He added, “Russia cannot condone what the Western Atlantic countries and America are doing, with regard to maintaining the principle of indivisibility of security, and this principle necessitates that there be adherence to specific obligations, such as the obligation not to strengthen and strengthen the national security of those countries at the expense of other countries.”

The Russian president added, “The American and NATO responses do not respond to or dissipate Russia’s concerns,” noting at the same time that there are
“A set of ideas that can be discussed, and this became clear during my meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and these items are related to European security and the short and medium-range missile system.”

“Ready to negotiate”

He stressed that his country is “ready to negotiate all thorny issues,” adding: “But not in isolation from the Russian proposals, whose implementation we consider one of Russia’s first national priorities.”

Putin accused the Ukrainian leadership of “evading” the implementation of the Minsk Agreement, and continued, “It does not undertake to respect the agreements concluded in Berlin and Paris. The former German chancellor proposed a specific formula for implementing the Minsk Agreement, and so far it has not been implemented.”

He added, “So far, the Kiev authorities have ignored these calls for direct dialogue with Donsk and Luhansk, violating human rights, and legalizing linguistic discrimination regarding the use of the Russian language in Ukraine.”

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