“He almost swallowed his tongue” .. Details of a player surviving in the Egyptian League from death

And through press statements, Hisham Hafez explained that he was hit in the match and fell to the ground, but when he tried to move so as not to be replaced, he lost feeling around him and “almost swallowed his tongue.”

The Misr El-Maqasa player indicated that he went to the hospital after the match to check on his health, and thanked Doctor Hani Darwish, saying that he was “the reason for saving my life after his quick intervention.”“.

Darwish said: “Hafez fell unconscious and there was a blockage in the airway, and thank God we were able to save him before swallowing his tongue. I did not imagine that this situation would happen to him, and I had a respirator that was easy for us to do.”“.

slang term

And the doctor of the football team in the Egyptian Al-Ahly club, Muhammad Abu Abla, says that “there is no medical term or injury called (swallowing a tongue), and the use of the media and the fans of the game is behind its spread and the link between it and some serious cases of fainting in stadiums.”.

Abu Abla added to “Sky News Arabia”: “In some cases of fainting, the muscles of the tongue are exposed to relaxation, which leads to obstruction of the respiratory tract, negatively affects the heart and puts the person’s life at risk. This requires quick medical intervention, otherwise the consequences will be dire.“.

Avoid injury

Regarding the players’ ability to avoid this type of serious injury, the Al-Ahly doctor points out the importance of the comprehensive medical examinations that the players undergo before the start of any football season, which shows their vulnerability to serious injuries related to sudden fainting or heart rhythm disturbances..

Abu Abla continues: “Players should also avoid strong tackles, especially aerial ones, to protect themselves and competitors from serious injuries.“.

He added, “The safety of the players is the most important. All the necessary medical equipment must be available to facilitate the task of the medical staff for any team, to deal quickly with serious cases, such as the electric shock device, in addition to having a plan in advance for how to deal with each injury.”“.

Al-Ahly’s doctor concluded: “In recent years, the International Federation of the Game (FIFA) has sought to reduce strong contacts in stadiums in order to preserve the safety of players, and we hope that the attempts that are interested in making football safer will continue.”

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