Full vaccination and long symptoms of corona.. conclusive evidence that reveals the relationship

And the UK’s Health Security Agency found, through its review of national and international studies conducted up to the end of last January, that people who had been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus were less likely to develop long-term symptoms of corona.

Nearly 2% of the UK population have reported symptoms of Covid-19, which can persist for more than 4 weeks after initial infection, the agency said.

The three most common long-term symptoms reported were fatigue, shortness of breath, and muscle or joint pain.

Most studies indicated that vaccinated people (one or two doses) were less likely to develop symptoms of corona long after infection, compared to unvaccinated people.

The head of the vaccination department at the Health Security Agency, Mary Ramsay, commented on the result, saying: “These studies confirm the benefits of receiving the full dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.”

“Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself from dangerous symptoms when infected, and it may also help reduce the long-term impact,” Ramsay added.

And she continued: “For some people, long-term symptoms of corona may disrupt their daily life. If you have unusual symptoms for more than 4 weeks after infection, you should consider contacting your doctor,” according to the British “Sky News” network.

For his part, the medical director of the British National Health Service, Professor Stephen Boyce, said: “With more than 10,000 people in hospitals with corona, this study is an important reminder that vaccines remain our best protection against the coronavirus, as they reduce the chances of Serious illness and the long-term effects of COVID-19.”

Four reviewed studies compared prolonged symptoms of corona before and after vaccination, and found that patients reported improvement rather than worsening of symptoms after vaccination, either immediately or over the course of several weeks.

One study also looked at the timing of vaccination after infection with corona, and suggested that people with the virus who were vaccinated soon after diagnosis were less likely to report prolonged COVID-19 symptoms than people who were vaccinated later after diagnosis.

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