Canada do law "national crisis" to control the protest movement

Canada (AFP) – February 15, 2022. 03:34

Trudeau announces the activation of the emergency measures law to contain the protest movement in Canada

  • Trudeau: The federal government resorts to the emergency measures law to confront the occupations
  • Trudeau: Illegal immobilizations are hurting Canadians and must stop

Prime Minister announced Canadian Justin Trudeau, on Monday, activates the Emergency Measures Act to end the “illegal” immobilization of demonstrators opposing the health measures adopted in the country, which has been going on for more than two weeks.

And he said Trudeau “The federal government is resorting to the Emergency Measures Act to strengthen the powers of the provinces and regions and to confront the occupations,” explaining that the army will not deploy and that the new measures “will be limited in time and geography.”

Canada Activates

stressed Trudeau However, the Emergency Measures Act was triggered because “unlawful immobilizations harm Canadians and must stop.”

Many provincial and territorial heads of government have expressed their opposition to the activation of this law, but Trudeau made it clear that the measures taken will be applied “only where necessary.”

This law can be resorted to in the event of a “national crisis”, and it gives the federal government additional powers to put an end to the crisis because it provides it with the possibility of “temporary exceptional measures.”

It also allows Canadian banks and financial services firms to immediately freeze accounts without judicial authorization.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland: Your truck was used (immobilizing) your account will be frozen and your insurance will be suspended

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland issued a warning to truck drivers who are immobilizing movement in downtown Ottawa, saying, “If your truck is used (to immobilize) your account will be frozen and your insurance will be suspended.”

The Emergency Measures Act was used once previously, when Trudeau’s father resorted to it during the October 1970 crisis. The government of Pierre Elliott Trudeau at the time used this law to send the army to Quebec and to take a series of emergency measures after the FNL kidnapped British Trade Attache James Richard Cross and a minister from Quebec named Pierre Laporte.

Cross was released after negotiations, but the minister was found dead in the trunk of his car.

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