A Ukrainian policeman stands in front of Moroccan students wishing to leave Ukraine

Kiev (Hespress website) – February 15, 2022. 14:04

Ukraine requires Moroccan students to settle tuition fees to leave the country

In light of the crisis between Ukraine and Russia, a group of Ukrainian universities agreed to return Moroccan students to their country in the coming days, on the condition that tuition fees be paid in order to benefit from the “distance education” model that will be adopted over the coming weeks until the reality of the “military war” becomes clear. Between Washington and Moscow, while another negotiation is still taking place between those universities and students who pay fees at separate periods of the year.

And this is related to the universities of “Dnipro” and “Odessa”, which agreed on the “distance education” model for the benefit of students, while other universities are still holding technical meetings on the subject until the writing of these lines. On Monday, students organized protest vigils in several universities to respond to the Moroccan embassy’s communication in Kiev.

The Embassy of Morocco in Kiev recommended all Moroccan citizens to leave Ukraine

Last Saturday, the Moroccan embassy in Kiev advised all Moroccan citizens to leave the country UkraineIn the wake of international warnings of an imminent Russian attack on the country; And that through the commercial flights available.

Moroccan students are racing against time in order to obtain return tickets to the Kingdom, as the agencies of Royal Air Maroc and “Air Arabia” are witnessing an intense turnout from the community residing in Ukraine, with exceptional flights allocated for this.

With the official authorities asking their citizens to leave Kiev as soon as possible, Moroccan students got into administrative problems with some Ukrainian universities that did not give them the “green light” to return to the “distance education” mode, and thus return to the homeland in the coming days.

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