Trending now | An Iraqi cleric proposes marriage to an artist and a dancer, with the aim of covering up

Iraq (news now) – 02/14/2022. 21:08

Tayseer Al-Iraqiya responds to the marriage proposal

An uproar in Iraq caused by a cleric who proposed marriage to the well-known artist, Tayseer Al-Iraqiya, who always stirs controversy with her videos, dances and photos, which some describe as indecent and indecent.

In a television program, the cleric, Imad al-Araji, who is known for his criticism of artists and dancers, expressed his complete readiness to marry Tayseer al-Iraqiya in order to cover her, and his only condition was that she stop art.

This marriage request sparked a torrent of sarcastic comments, and even Tayseer Al-Iraqiya herself responded to the sheikh’s request with refusal and wrote this post on Facebook, “They are creative in defaming people and do not understand that I understand what is in your capricious hearts. At the intersection, where do you see them? – I am aware of the problems and concerns of the people, and I have cleared his eye on Tayseer Al-Iraqiya…God knows what your intention is..”

On social media, the sheikh’s marriage proposal to the artist did not go unnoticed, and Mohamed Abdel Moneim sarcastically wrote, “Our master will be the bravest of spinsters jogging.” While other men defended the sheikh, confirming that his intention was to conceal, among them Alaa Sadiq, “There is nothing in it so that it can be rational and undo its broken sideburns, for God is Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

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