The epidemiological situation in Libya has deteriorated… and medical teams have been requested from Egypt

With the intensification of the differences of political forces over the new formation of the government, Libya witnessed, in the past two days, a noticeable increase in the number of injured; With entire families injured, while Libya asked Egypt for doctors and nurses; to fill her deficit.

In a report seen by “Sky News Arabia”, the National Center for Disease Control recommended a return to imposing precautionary measures; To confront the virus in workplaces, shopping centers and public places, and take legal measures to ensure compliance.

The center also called for the expansion and intensification of awareness campaigns, and the continuation of intensive vaccination campaigns by increasing mobile teams instead of fixed centers; To reach the target vaccination rate.

According to official statistics, since the emergence of the epidemic in the country, Libya has recorded 470,314 cases, of which 45,910 are active cases, 418,279 cases have recovered, while 6,125 deaths have been recorded..

difference in numbers

And “Sky News Arabia” contacted doctors working in isolation centers, and they confirmed that the announced numbers are much less than the real one, and that the announced numbers are the numbers that entered the hospitals only, and the correct numbers may be three to four times the announced.

And the Libyan doctor, Moaz Abdel Qader, who works in an isolation hospital in Tripoli, says: There has already been a noticeable increase in the newly infected, especially since the new mutant is more prevalent than the rest of the mutant ones..

Abdel-Qader added that the announced numbers are the numbers that communicated with hospitals only, but many of them receive treatment from home, and are not recorded, pointing out that the new mutant may be much weaker than the rest of the mutant, but it spreads faster, and the capital Tripoli comes at the top of the number of injuries, followed by cities in the south.

The Libyan doctor criticized what he described as “lack of awareness” of the importance of vaccination, which caused the vaccination process not to proceed at high rates, saying, “The vaccination process against the virus does not proceed at high rates despite the availability of vaccines, but there is a lack of awareness among citizens of the importance of vaccination.”.

Doctors order from Egypt

Abdel-Qader highlighted the doctors’ salary crisis, which has not yet been resolved; This prompted some of them to stop working in the first place; Because of the low salaries they receive in return for working in isolation hospitals, which amount to 750 dinars per person.

Therefore, Libya asked Egypt to quickly supply it with doctors and nurses to meet the shortage, according to the Libyan doctor.

Samer Al-Azaby, a Scout worker who provides services to the isolated in their homes, such as delivering medicines, describes the scene as he sees it, saying: These days, “we find entire families with symptoms of the virus, although the weakness of the new mutant contributed to alleviating the crisis.”“.

Al-Azabi agreed with the National Center for Epidemic Control on the importance of re-imposing a partial closure, reducing the presence in work sites and institutions, and taking precautionary measures; To reduce the spread of the virus.

He considered that the political crisis in Libya, and the politicians’ preoccupation with the dispute over the formation of the new government, greatly affected their follow-up to the Corona crisis..

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