“Superwoman” gives her country Libya a “key” to solve the electricity crisis

The European Union celebrated the Libyan researcher in the field of energy, Ibtihal Al-Shami, after she developed a substance to reduce soil resistance; This allows the electrical “grounding” of buildings, so that the mentioned material is produced locally and in an innovative way, to secure sustainable construction, in the midst of the natural challenges facing Libya.

In a statement, the European Union described Al-Shami as a “super woman and a source of inspiration,” noting that “she can reconcile her work as a researcher, lecturer and supervisor at the university, electrical engineer and entrepreneur.”

In her interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Al-Shami expressed her happiness with the European Union’s interest in supporting her. Especially as it is working to find radical solutions to an already existing problem in Libya, considering that global interest in its research “facilitates and contributes to the achievement of its innovations.”

She explained that “by virtue of her studies and work as a faculty member in Libyan universities, she sought to find solutions to the problem of power outages, by discovering a substance that contributes to ensuring sound and reliable systems for electrical feeding, and she worked, by virtue of obtaining a doctorate degree in the field of electrical engineering, to reach her goal.”

Al-Shami was able to find its goal, by using an innovative material that works to resist the earth, to allow the electrical grounding of buildings developed with locally made materials, to save costs.

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And the researcher continued: “I developed an anti-corrosion prototype for soil reinforcement, which was first used by an electric company before it became a full-fledged product that was in great demand from local companies, as it received great acclaim from specialists in the field, as it obtained excellent results, in addition to that it saves expenses. Significantly”.

She also noted that the price of this material is “low” compared to other products, by 60 percent.

Regarding the effect of the substance in reducing her country’s suffering from frequent power cuts, she said: “Hospitals, hotels and electric towers must have sound and reliable electrical feeding systems, which can only be achieved through grounding, but the soil resistance is very high, and we need to find ways to reduce of that resistance.

She added of her success: “I don’t pretend it’s easy, but I want to set an example for my daughter and make her believe that she can do anything she really wants to do.”

Al-Shami sent a message to her daughter, saying: “I do not want my daughter to think that women are not equal to men. Women are required to work more to prove their abilities, especially in circles that encourage women to stay at home. Fortunately for me, my husband represents the greatest support me in all the projects I take on.

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