Record record.. Monitoring the highest water wave in the world

Vancouver Coast – Canada (Daily Mail) – 02/14/2022. 12:10

Canada experiences the highest water wave in the world

Scientists at the company “Marine Labs V” monitored Canada The highest wave that broke the world record, with a height of 58 feet, off the coast of Vancouver, was described as “ferocious”. Scientists pointed out that the high wave hit the wall record To the top of a water wall in November 2020, in what he described as a wave of a rare giant size, recorded approximately once every 1,300 years. According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The height of the wave, which was parallel to a four-story building, was measured by a buoy that was floating in the ocean, able to track certain movements caused by such high currents.

According to scientists, a wave of a rare giant size occurs approximately once every 1,300 years in Canada.

Such a wave is called “severe storm waves”, and its size is usually twice the size of the surrounding waves, and it is unexpected because it often comes from different directions from the prevailing winds or waves in the area of ​​its occurrence.

Marine Labs has allocated 26 buoys in the oceans around North America to monitor such waves, and plans to double this number by the end of this year.

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