In pictures… Ancient dinosaur footprints discovered in Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Othman Elkhosht, President of Cairo University, said that the research team began its work in 2018 through three Egyptian scientists, two from the Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Dr. Walid Gamal Kassab, assistant professor in the Department of Geology and Dr. Muhammad Qarni, assistant professor in the Department of Geology and director of the Vertebrate Excavations Laboratory Cairo University, in partnership with Dr. Jubaili Abu al-Khair, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Science, New Valley University and Director of the Center for Vertebrate Fossils, in searching for physical evidence in the Qusair Qift region, south of the Eastern Desert, and publishing a research paper recording the team’s results in the “Geological Journal” in December 2021.

The President of Cairo University added that this scientific discovery “is one of the most important discoveries in the Eastern Desert in the Golden Triangle region, and a new addition that contributes to deciphering that historical period in Egypt and the continent of Africa. A great heritage.”

Al-Khasht explained that the research team “was able to find many footprints of different sizes, and they also measured the depth of these footprints using mathematical equations and specialized programs to identify the weights and lengths of some of these carnivorous dinosaurs, whose weights were estimated at 500 and 900 kilograms. Identification of herbivorous dinosaurs.

The footprints of carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs on the surfaces of the Nubian sandstone layers in the south of the eastern desert indicate that the age of these dinosaurs dates back to more than 70 million years, as they lived in what is known as the Upper Cretaceous period, which began about 100 million years ago and up to 66 million years ago. , which is a largely unknown time period.

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