Erdogan visits the UAE..important files are waiting

The Turkish presidency said in a statement that Erdogan’s visit to the UAE will last for two days, February 14 and 15, and deals with the bilateral relations between the two countries in all its forms, and the possibilities of developing joint cooperation.

The statement revealed that the visit will witness an exchange of views on the latest regional and international developments, within the framework of achieving peace and stability.

The agenda of the Turkish President’s visit includes the signing of agreements aimed at achieving important contributions to bilateral relations. The President will also participate in the “Turkey Exhibition” to be held on February 15 on the occasion of the “National Day of Turkey”, as part of his visit to “Expo 2020 Dubai”.

Turkish writer and political analyst Abdullah Aydogan considered Erdogan’s visit to the UAE an important step in developing relations between the two countries to broader horizons, increasing rapprochement and strengthening cooperation.

Aydogan added, in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that the visit comes at the invitation of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, after his historic visit to Ankara.

He pointed out that the visit will be dominated by the economic character, and will witness the signing of agreements related to trade and increased investments, as well as meetings by the Turkish President and the accompanying delegation with Emirati businessmen and investors with the aim of expanding the volume of trade exchange.

Aydogan explained that the visit will have a positive impact in expanding the strategic partnership between the two countries, pointing out that they, with their regional weight, can work to defuse tensions in a region wracked by turmoil for more than a decade.

Turkish writer and political analyst Firas Ridwanoglu said that the visit is important at all bilateral, regional and international levels, because “bilateral relations need a lot of strategic and economic cooperation between the two parties.”

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Radwan Oglu said that Turkey needs economic support for large projects that it is implementing, which is what the UAE can provide.

He pointed out that “at the regional level, the UAE has become a large and effective power, and this is very important for cooperation between the two parties, and the two countries are among the main allies of the United States, which contributes to achieving balance and stability in the region.”

Regarding the most prominent files that are expected to be dealt with in this visit, Karam Saeed, an expert on Turkish affairs at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said, “The visit comes in the context of the two countries’ efforts to turn a new page. Ankara is trying to absorb the new changes, as it is still facing major problems in its relationship. With Western countries and the United States against the background of a large number of thorny issues, in addition to the tension with the European Union and the refusal of its membership, and therefore it seeks regional alternatives that can overcome the weakness of its regional and international immunity and open new political circles through it.

Saeed said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, “The UAE is a powerful country and a regional power with an influential presence, so Turkey seeks to achieve great openness with it.”

He continued, “There are two prominent files during the visit: the economic issue, expanding bilateral cooperation, increasing the volume of investments, opening outlets for companies between the two sides, and granting economic privileges. As for the second file, it will be bilateral relations, expanding partnership, and strengthening defense cooperation between the two sides.”

Erdogan tweets in Arabic

On Saturday evening, Erdogan wrote on Twitter in Arabic: “The rapprochement that began between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates is gaining new momentum through our mutual visits. I welcome the development of relations towards areas of cooperation between us,” attaching an article on the importance of relations between the two countries in contributing to peace and stability. regional and global prosperity.

For his part, Fahrettin Altun, Head of the Communications Department of the Turkish Presidency, said on Saturday that the Turkish President’s upcoming visit to the UAE is useful for developing cooperation between the two countries. important in establishing regional peace and stability,” he said, stressing that “Turkey and the UAE are important players in the region as political and economic forces.”

“We aim to diversify partnerships between the two countries, and to strengthen cooperation in various fields, such as tourism, health, industry, transportation, climate change, food and water security,” Altun added.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed visited Ankara last November, where he held talks with Erdogan, and at that time the UAE and Turkey concluded agreements and memoranda of understanding that included a number of areas that contribute to strengthening cooperation relations and opening new horizons for joint work between Abu Dhabi and Ankara, including the establishment of an Emirati fund. With a value of $10 billion to support investments in Turkey.

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