Britain .. a dangerous rapist who escaped from prison and the police are asking for help to arrest him

Lincolnshire Police Lincolnshire – 02/14/2022. 21:23

Paul Robson .. a “dangerous rapist” who escaped from a prison in Britain

  • British authorities asked for help searching for him
  • Robson is serving a life sentence

“searching for Paul RobsonWe are urging members of the public to call us on 999″ – said Lincolnshire Police, on its official Twitter page.

Lincolnshire Police is the regional police force covering the non-urban county of Lincolnshire in the East Midlands in the Britain.

Police said Robson escaped from the “North Sea” prison in Boston, Lincolnshire, Britain, and was reported missing before 7 am on Sunday.

“We’re still working hard to locate Paul Robson, we’re still working through as many investigation plans as he could be anywhere in the country, and we’re really keen to hear from the public so we can apprehend him,” the police added.

Lincolnshire Police have asked citizens not to approach the fugitive if he sees him, and to contact the police, who will in turn arrest him.

According to the British newspaper, “The Guardian”, Robson was imprisoned in 2000 after he entered a woman’s home, tied her up, put a pillow on her head and brutally assaulted her, while carrying a knife to her throat.

After his conviction, the sentencing judge called Robson a “female threat” and had released him from prison just three weeks before the attack.

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