After the “Faraj video”, the Egyptian “Miss Mint” reveals the journey of suffering

The looks of the twenty-year-old girl and her breathtaking sitting on the sidewalk after long working hours, aroused the curiosity of the young Hussein Al-Gohary, who works with a charitable organization, to know her story, which became with her baby “Rahim” the talk of various social media platforms, to become the hashtag (The Mint Lady). Most popular.

The Egyptian girl tells “Sky News Arabia” behind the scenes of the video, saying: “In the beginning, they asked me for permission to film, to convey a message that people are people and that everyone must be receptive to thoughts, and I did not know that at the end of filming there would be a material reward or help for me.”

daily hardship

Manar continued: “I sell mint daily from ten in the morning until five in the evening, to earn halal money to buy milk for my two sons, as he needs a box of 80 pounds every two days.”

The twenty-year-old girl confirmed: “My father and mother live alone after their separation, and I loved not being dependent on any of them, so I decided to take charge of myself and sell mint in the streets to spend on myself and my child.”

And “The Mint Lady” added in her interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “After the episode, they contacted me again, and Hussein El-Gohary assured me that a large number of citizens watched the episode and wanted to help me, along with the charity, in their desire to lead a good life.” .

great sympathy

For his part, El-Gohary, the young broadcaster who documented the story, said: “The girl and her baby were sitting in the cold, and she refused to take any help from anyone except by selling mint, and when I spoke to her, she asked only to have a job that would provide her in return to live from through it, and the room in which you live.

And he continued in a video posted on the charity’s page in which he works: “Because of the video, a large number of people sympathized with her, including those who provided her with electrical appliances, and some of them donated money, and a number of lawyers competed to file a divorce case and alimony for her without getting any compensation.”

Huge aid

Manar saw that her story moved the feelings of millions, saying: “Their help for me was to see that I am a model who strives and strives despite the harsh conditions I was going through. Some of them even offered me a job that would provide me with a monthly income, in addition to the charitable organization that also offered me to provide a project of my own that provides I have a good profit that helps me raise my child and our daily needs.”

“The Mint Lady” received many calls from her family, assuring her that everyone is following her and praying for her, adding: “After the spread of the video, I did not believe myself that everyone was talking about me. of the weariness and hardship I have seen in the past.”

The young woman ended her conversation with “Sky News Arabia”, referring to a strange situation that occurred after the video was published, explaining: “There is a family who imagined that I was their daughter, but after hours, Mr. From what they published that I am their daughter and left them.

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