A “dangerous rapist” escapes from a British prison… and warnings for women and girls

Lincolnshire Police said the fugitive Paul Robson could cause “real harm to anyone who encounters him”, and called for the police number to be called immediately if he saw him.

Robson, who is serving a life sentence for attempted rape and sexual harassment, was reported missing from a prison in Boston-Lincolnshire around 7am on Sunday.

The man was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2000, after he broke into a woman’s home and put a pillowcase over her head and a knife to her neck, and assaulted her..

An Oxford court judge described the fugitive as having “already had a long history of violent sexual assaults against women and girls” and as a “female threat”.“.

The victims of Robson’s crimes were women and girls, the youngest of whom was eight years old, before he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Police described the 56-year-old man as “a slender build with a bald head and a long beard,” noting that they initially thought he was still in the Boston area, but have now said he could be “anywhere in the country.”“.

In a statement issued Sunday evening, Chief Detective Andy Cox said: “We are still working tirelessly to locate Paul Robson. He could be anywhere in the country, and we’re really keen to hear from the audience that they’ve likely seen, so we can get this out of the way.” The man from our streets.

“Robson is a serious sex offender and while he poses a particular danger to women and young children, I believe he can cause real harm to anyone who encounters him,” the statement added..

“If you see Robson, please don’t go near him and don’t try to catch him yourself. Call 999 immediately.”

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