How to make “Umm Ali” in just 15 minutes

Umm Ali is one of the most delicious and delicious Egyptian sweets that are sold in many shops, and its origin dates back to the era of the Ayyubid Empire, and it was named after the ruler’s wife who wanted to make the most delicious sweets so that they would be distributed throughout the country and around the world and desired by people. Ali and what are the ingredients.

How Umm Ali works in 10 steps


– gulash dough



-1 cup of cream

-Half a cup of sugar

-1 and a half cups of fat milk

Half a cup of cream

Half a cup of raisins

Half a cup of coconut

Setting method

1_ Preheat the oven until its temperature reaches 180 degrees.

2- Take out the oven tray and put the goulash dough in it in the same shape as the tray.

3- Using a knife, cut the goulash into very small slices so that they are thin slices.

4- We put the tray in the oven after brushing it with ghee until its color becomes golden

5- Break the goulash slices into medium pieces and put them in the tajine, then put the raisins and coconut on it.

6- We put the milk, cream and sugar in a pot and put them on the fire until they boil.

7- After boiling, put the mixture on the tagine, and then put the tagine in the oven.

8-Blessed and healed, eat warm.

You can eat it after savory food like Chicken Pane Crepe

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