By chance.. a drug that fights long-term corona

And the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, stated that the long-term repercussions of infection with “Covid-19”, which is caused by the Corona virus, include brain fog and joint pain and can last for months.

But antihistamines can provide some relief for people with corona.

Doctors usually prescribe “antihistamines” for people with allergies, and this includes sneezing and a runny nose.

Histamine is a substance secreted in the body that causes you to have allergic symptoms, according to the “Web Medicine” website.

A study showed that two middle-aged women accidentally became healthy after taking a dose of this drug.

The study said that fatigue eased a lot for one of the women the morning after taking the drug.

The woman was injured after she accidentally ate a piece of cheese (she is allergic to dairy products), took 50 mg of an antihistamine, and noticed that the fatigue had completely disappeared.

The first suffered from inability to exercise, chest pain, headache and rash, while the second suffered
From joint and abdominal pain and rash.

After that, her doctor prescribed her a daily dose of these antibiotics, which reduced her long-term symptoms of corona.

She said she has regained about 90 percent of her daily job.

Both women were examined by nursing scientists at the University of California, and published the results in a practical journal.

“Patients tell us that what they want most is anything that helps them return to the basic activities they were used to before Corona,” said lead author of the study, Melissa Pinto.

“They are desperately looking for something to help them get back on their feet,” she added.

At the moment, there is no long-term cure for corona, while several treatments are currently being tested, including antihistamines.

This study represents a hopeful space for about 54 million people suffering from long-term corona, but extensive experiences are needed before this treatment is officially approved.

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