After a wide campaign of solidarity, the Syrian child Fawaz Qetaifan is in the arms of his family

Syria (SANA) – February 13, 2022. 09:47

Fawaz Qetaifan.. The child returned after paying the ransom to the kidnappers

  • Kidnappings are repeated in various Syrian regions
  • The child’s video sparked a massive solidarity campaign that demanded the ransom be collected

After a wide campaign of solidarity on social media, with the Syrian child Fawaz QetaifanA source in the Daraa Police Command told Syrian media that the child had returned to his family, indicating that he was in good health.

Radio “Sham FM” quoted Mohammed Qetifan The father of the child, Fawaz, on Saturday evening, that “his child is in good health, and they are going to receive him after the kidnappers left him in Nawa.”

And the Syrian artist, Abdel Hakim Qetaifan, said in a post on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook”: “Finally, after a bitter, harsh, long and dangerous wait, the innocent angel returned to the warm embrace of his family. For all those who shared with us the cruelty, anxiety and oppression of the moments, hours, days and months in which Fawaz was absent from his family.

Fawaz Qetaifan
The return of the child Fawaz after paying the ransom

Last Thursday, a video clip was published in which the child Fawaz Qetaifan appeared, pleading with his kidnappers and begging them to stop torturing him, saying: “For God’s sake, do not hit me.”

The video sparked a wide campaign of solidarity with the kidnapped child.

Tens of thousands of posts sympathetic to the Syrian child Fawaz Qetaifan, through the hashtag “Save the Child Fawaz Al-Qatifan”, called for the launch of a campaign to collect the amount required to save him from the grip of his kidnappers.

He was kidnapped by unknown persons while on his way to school in the city of Abtaa in Daraa countryside, about 3 months ago, and they demanded a ransom of 500 million Syrian pounds ($140,000).

Daraa Governorate Police Commander, Brigadier Dirar al-Dandal, said in a statement to reporters: “In coordination with the Criminal Security Department and Interpol, the international number through which the kidnappers communicated with the child’s family was monitored, and the people associated with the number were identified. against 4 people, including the main person whose number was linked to the kidnappers’ number.”

Al-Dandal added, “The kidnappers cut off their communication for a whole day after arresting this person, in anticipation of any confessions from him, and since we did not say what he confessed, they called the child’s family again, and a date was agreed upon for his release and the delivery of the ransom on Wednesday, but they did not abide.”

Al-Dandal continued: “The kidnappers contacted the child’s uncle on Friday and gave him a new appointment on the Daraa-Damascus highway towards the town of Nassib at five o’clock in the evening and asked him to go to the child’s father, not his uncle, and to send them a picture of the car he would be traveling in. They are hidden in the area, but the kidnappers missed the appointment again.”

The police chief explained that the kidnappers called again, Saturday at noon, and asked that the father go to the city of Nawa, and they identified an area near the grain silos on the road towards Quneitra, where armed groups are deployed. The police did not intervene in order to save the child’s life after the kidnappers threatened to kill him.

Al-Dandal stressed that the police will continue their efforts until the arrest of the kidnappers of the child Fawaz Qetaifan.

It is noteworthy that kidnappings have been repeated in various Syrian regions over the past years, as a result of the security chaos in the country for nearly a decade, which followed popular protests that had erupted to demand the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad in March of 2011.

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