A terrible accident in America.. his brother was killed and then committed suicide because of a bear

According to the Metro website, the story began last week, when a black bear broke into the garden of an American man’s house, causing him to panic.

Confused, the man pulled out a pistol he was holding, to kill the bear, but then shot his brother, while filling the shots.

As a result of the shock, the man called the authorities in Sunny Valley, Oregon, before committing suicide with the same gun.

According to the investigator in charge of the case, “Based on the investigation, the caller is believed to have committed suicide after calling 911 to report an accidental shooting.”

It is not known whether the bear acted aggressively towards the brothers, or what happened to him after the authorities arrived at the scene.

About 25,000 to 30,000 black bears live in Oregon, according to the Josephine County Parks Department, which refers to the state as “Black Bear Country.”

And state authorities advise to “remain calm” if you encounter a bear, adding: “Do not run or make any sudden movements. Walk away slowly and do not look directly into the eyes of the bear.”

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