Al-Burhan: No extension of the transitional period and doubts about killing protesters

In an interview with Sudanese TV, Al-Burhan expressed his regret and sadness for the martyrs, wounded or injured victims during the demonstrations.

He added: “There are suspicions that other parties are killing protesters, and I am personally ready to bear this full responsibility if I issue instructions to pursue and kill protesters, or if I know that there is an entity that is killing protesters.”

He continued, “There is also a lack of cooperation from various parties regarding uncovering the circumstances of the killing in the demonstrations.”

On the other hand, the commander-in-chief of the Sudanese army made it clear that the decisions taken on October 25 were a “necessity”, noting that “the political arena was threatening greater dangers than what is happening now.”

He revealed that “there is still no consensus between the political forces… and we will not disagree with the civil forces if they agree… if there is a consensus today, we will hand them over power.”

Al-Burhan expressed his commitment By holding elections in the middle of next year, adding, “I do not prefer extending the transitional period.”

He highlighted that “the military establishment is at the heart of one man, and it wants to distance itself from political action.”

With regard to the Empowerment Removal Committee, Al-Burhan said that it “veered from its path and everyone admits that,” stressing that “until now I have not interfered in the work of the Empowerment Removal Committee’s review committee.”

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