After Biden and Putin’s call, Moscow denounces “American hysteria”

“The hysteria has reached its peak,” said Yuri Ushakov, Putin’s diplomatic advisor.

Ushakov indicated that the US side requested to arrange a phone conversation between Biden and Putin, on Saturday, although this call was initially scheduled for Monday.

The consultations between the two presidents took place after Washington warned that a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine could happen “at any time”.

Ushakov expressed his dismay at the US statements, saying that the Americans had even revealed “the date of the Russian invasion.”

“We don’t understand why false information about our intentions was conveyed to the media,” he told reporters.

He added that Putin again expressed his dissatisfaction with the West’s arming of Ukraine, and that the authorities in Kiev were “sabotaging” peace agreements brokered by Western countries to end the long conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Russia is demanding the West binding security guarantees, including a pledge to withdraw NATO forces from Eastern Europe and not to accept Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

Washington categorically rejected the Russian demands, while offering to discuss a new European disarmament agreement with Moscow.

Ushakov said that Moscow will take into account Biden’s view, as it prepares to respond to the proposals of Washington and NATO.

“The Russian side will carefully analyze Biden’s concerns,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin said that the Russian President told Biden during the phone call, Saturday, that the US response to the main Russian security demands did not take into account Russia’s basic concerns, and that Moscow would respond soon.

Ushakov said that the call was made against the background of “hysteria” in the West about an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, which he described as absurd.

He added that Biden warned Putin in the phone call of potentially significant sanctions, but did not focus on that in particular.

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