5 signs that you may have lung cancer

According to the British newspaper, The Sun, about 47,000 cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in the UK each year.

She added: “Usually, in the early stages of the disease there are no symptoms, and often they appear only in the later stages.”

During his appearance on a TV show, doctor Amir Khan revealed the main signs of lung cancer.

Khan said: “If you have an unexplained cough for 3 weeks or more, do not think it is related to corona, but go and see a doctor, and you may need further investigation, especially if you are a smoker.”

He continued, “Smokers are at increased risk of developing lung cancer, although it is not limited to smokers only.”

“Symptoms that people should look for include coughing up blood, as well as changes in the voice,” Khan explained. “If your voice becomes hoarse, that could be a sign of lung cancer, especially if it has lasted for more than 3 weeks.”

Among other signs, Amir Khan reported feeling short of breath for 3 weeks or more, unexplained tiredness, weight loss and nail changes.

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