Relief in the Ukrainian street as diplomatic efforts continue

But in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, the Ukrainian street expressed its satisfaction with the continuation of Western diplomatic efforts, and the successive visits of European leaders to their country.

In general, the Ukrainian street, which showed steadfastness during this crisis despite the psychological pressures it suffered, is now feeling more comfortable with making room for diplomacy, a street that observers say has steadfastly enabled its government to manage the crisis professionally and protect its economy from collapse.

Ukrainians considered that these diplomatic efforts would remove the atmosphere of war that dominates the general atmosphere in Ukraine.

This comes after difficult weeks passed on the Ukrainian street, amid talk of a confirmed invasion and invasion of the capital, Kiev, and tens of thousands of dead and wounded, and millions of refugees.

These conversations dispelled sleep from the eyes of Ukrainian citizens, who tried as best they could to hide their fears.

Now, after the voices of diplomacy have overcome the voices of war and talk about the possibilities of a peaceful solution, the Ukrainian street feels a kind of relief and the morale of Ukrainian citizens is raised, who are counting on Western diplomacy on which they bet.

But this satisfaction is still conditional on the success of diplomatic efforts on the one hand, and the Russian side’s retreat from its options on the other.

However, Ukrainian citizen Valentinia says: “We are afraid of the war. We could not sleep because of the fear of the invasion. My little grandson was suffering and could not sleep at night and was crying and screaming from fear. I suggested to my daughter-in-law that he leave with the children to Poland to spare them fears, but he refused. “.

It is noteworthy that US President Joe Biden said, in an interview with “NBC News”, that American citizens should leave Ukraine immediately due to the possibility of a rapid deterioration of the situation on Ukrainian soil, stressing that he will not send American forces to help fleeing Americans.

And the US President renewed his position not to send military forces under any circumstances to the field in Ukraine, even for evacuation, in the event of a Russian invasion of the country.

Biden warned that it would be a world war, when the Americans and Russians start shooting at each other, explaining that the world is now very different from what it was before.

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