Egypt’s plan to benefit from its scholars abroad .. What has been achieved in reality?

In exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”, the Egyptian minister said that the Ministry of State for Migration and Egyptians Abroad “worked to implement the government’s work program and link migratory birds to their homeland, and to attract bright minds from experts and scholars abroad, through a sustainable strategy that includes organizing scientific events through The National Congress (Egypt can).

She added: “The dream turned into reality with five versions of this conference, starting from Hurghada with the first conference of Egyptian scholars abroad, passing through Cairo, which witnessed (Egypt can with the Ta Marbouta), and then Thebes, the Pharaonic capital of Egypt (Luxor Governorate), which witnessed (Egypt can with the sons of the Nile). And back to the city of Hurghada, which witnessed the fourth edition (Egypt can with education).”

And she continued: “Then the return came again to Cairo in the fifth edition entitled (Egypt can with investment and development), in implementation of the vision of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, and his strong belief that Egypt is capable of progress and growth, with its scholars and youth.“.

Makram added that the five conferences witnessed the participation of 242 Egyptian scientists, representing different disciplines, followed by millions of experts and students abroad through the media and social networking sites, which were dedicated to following up on the successes of Egyptians abroad..

She explained that the Egyptian plan “depends on the philosophy of communication, which begins with the conference and continues after it by communicating with the competent authorities, and has resulted in achievements on the ground.”

These achievements included the establishment of 27 partnerships and twinning programs between universities and Egyptian national authorities and between international bodies where Egyptian scientists work abroad, providing 204 training opportunities, study and research scholarships, and sponsoring talented Egyptian youth through Egyptian scholars abroad and international bodies, and more than 2790 young people have benefited from them. Egyptian”.

Nabila Makram confirmed that this communication also resulted in cooperation between the scholars of the “Egypt Can” conferences and many ministries, such as the Ministry of Military Production, Aviation, Electricity, Health, Agriculture, Education, Planning and Higher Education, and others, which in turn benefited from these minds to support the future of development, in framework of the country’s strategy 2030.

The most prominent results of the plan to benefit from Egyptian minds abroad were the agreement concluded between the Ministry of Military Production and Professor Abdel Halim Omar, to manufacture the asphalt leveling device he invented in the name of “Al-Haras Amir” in the military production factories, and the gift of Dr. Hisham Al-Askari, the first renewable solar atlas to Egypt in cooperation with The Ministry of Electricity.

Dr. Hoda Al-Maraghy ​​and Dr. Wajih Al-Maraghy ​​also collaborated to develop a plan to implement the concepts of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” for the first time in Egypt, for scientific and applied use in developing the national industry to keep pace with the latest global manufacturing technologies..

Makram explained that the Suez Canal Authority benefited from the deep expertise of Dr. Mansour Al-Matbouli in the fish farming project, with the aim of reaching 4,000 fish ponds on an area of ​​7,500 acres, all of which depend on the waters of the Suez Canal, and are based on the latest technologies, in addition to paying attention to hatchery and the production of fish seed and feed..

The first academy for graduating technicians in fish farming in Egypt was also announced by El-Matbouly, to provide training opportunities for researchers, in the context of achieving food security..

And the Minister of Immigration added that the city of Dr. Magdi Yacoub, specialized in cardiology, is currently being established in Cairo, which will be the first environmentally friendly hospital in Egypt that works entirely on solar energy, in cooperation with Dr. Hisham Al-Askari, a specialist in space sciences.

This comes in addition to performing a number of different surgical operations for Egyptians in various governorates of the Republic, in cooperation with the doctors participating in Egypt’s conferences, and providing various medical devices to a number of hospitals, which were donated by Egyptians abroad in cooperation with the “Long Live Egypt” fund.

And she added, “The prospects for cooperation have been opened between the Egyptian and Australian navy, through the role played by the Egyptian Captain Mona Shendi, the commander of the Australian Navy, in the framework of supporting communication and military cooperation between the two countries, and consolidating joint cooperation between the Egyptian Parliament and its counterpart and the Australian, in various fields, with the launch of The Egyptian-Australian Parliamentary Friendship Association, as well as other great results in the field of agriculture, rationalizing water consumption and increasing yields in Egypt.

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