The arrest of suspects in various cases in Maysan, Iraq

Maysan (news now) 02/10/2022 23:21

Maysan governorate witnessed a massive campaign to impose the law by the authorities

  • A quantity of weapons and military equipment used in terrorist operations have been seized
  • Today, Thursday, the Security Media Cell announced the results of the law enforcement operations in Maysan, two days after its launch.

And the cell stated in a statement received by (Akhbar Alan) that “based on the directives of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and with the formation of an Operations Command MaysanOur security forces continue to implement law enforcement plans in various areas of Maysan Governorate.”

And she indicated that “until now, our forces have been able to arrest a number of defendants in various cases, most notably terrorism, murder, theft and separate cases.”

And she continued: “In addition to settling a clan conflict in the village of Al-Tali’a in the Al-Kahla district, and controlling the situation, a force from the Special Forces Brigade, a joint force from the Tactical Regiment and the Fourth Emergency Regiment, arrested 21 accused from both sides of this conflict.”

And it indicated that “a quantity of weapons and military equipment used in terrorist operations in Maysan, and disturbing civil peace, was seized.”

She stressed that “the necessary legal measures have been taken against the accused, who numbered 70, and they will be referred to the competent judiciary and appropriate penalties will be imposed against them.”

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