Britain hopes to end mandatory quarantine for people infected with Covid at the end of the month

London (AFP) 02/10/2022 09:14

Britain.. to end the mandatory isolation of those who have been infected with the Corona virus

  • England lifts most restrictions imposed to curb the spread of Covid
  • The Kingdom is one of the first European countries to try to return to a pre-pandemic lifestyle

Prime Minister expressed Britain Boris Johnson expressed his hope for mandatory termination of isolation Those who tested positive for coronavirus by the end of February, after it was lifted

England already has most of the restrictions imposed to curb the outbreak of Covid.

The United Kingdom, whose government has been calling for weeks on the population to coexist with Covid, as is the case with influenza, is one of the first European countries to try to return to

Pre-epidemic lifestyle, based on a high vaccination rate, such as Denmark or Sweden.

The Conservative Party leader told MPs during the weekly government accountability session that he would return to Parliament on February 21, after the parliamentary recess, to “present

His plan to coexist with Covid.

Living with covid…

He added, “With the continuation of the current encouraging trends, I expect that we will be able to lift the rest of the restrictions in the country, including quarantine in case of injury, before a month.”

from the appointed date.

At the beginning of the year, Britain witnessed one of the countries most affected by the epidemic in Europe, with more than 158,600 thousand deaths, a severe epidemic wave caused by the mutant Omicron.

With record daily injuries recorded, exceeding 200,000 at their peak, injuries began to decline significantly, and hospitalizations as well.

On January 19, Johnson announced that the bulk of the restrictions imposed to combat Omicron had been lifted in England, making clear that he had no intention of extending the measures that had been put in place.

Quarantine will be imposed on those infected with COVID-19 when it expires on March 24.

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