Theft, rape and kidnapping..other roles of mercenaries in Libya

The ministry said: The suspect, “Abu Khalaf”, a Syrian national, was arrested during the campaign of the support force of the security directorates in the regions to raid the scrap “hearer” that trades in copper and electric cables in Sidi Selim and Al-Silak Street.

She explained that “Abu Khalaf al-Suri” offered during his interrogation an amount of one and a half million dinars, entering into a partnership and providing him with protection from the support force of the security directorates in the regions for 100,000 dinars per month, noting that he was arrested in a tight ambush during “receipt of the first part of the amount and its value.” $100,000 and 380,000 dinars.

The ambush was prepared in coordination with the Public Prosecution, according to the ministry’s statement, which indicated that his brother, who brought the money, had been arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution.

Gather wealth by all means

This case brought to mind the role of mercenaries in looting and looting to gather wealth as soon as possible and by any means, in addition to their role in killing Libyans during the war between the Libyan National Army and the militias that joined it.

In the words of the Libyan MP Ali Al-Takbali, the mercenaries “are the main reason for spreading destruction and devastation, and they are now stealing and armed robbery. They came to Libya mainly for this matter, and they participate with Libyan criminals in stealing copper cables professionally.”

Al-Takbali called on the international community to bear its responsibility in pushing the parties that sent the mercenaries to expel them, although he stressed that part of the responsibility for their presence lies with the Libyans, “they, despite the Geneva decisions, did not insist on removing these, and there is a complete repudiation of responsibility on the part of the government.”

He says, “Libya has become worn out, and many of these incidents pass without anyone noticing them.”

force out

Libyan political analyst Radwan Al-Fitouri agrees with him that “as long as there is someone who sponsors these thefts, they will continue, for the corrupt does not fight corruption.”

Al-Fitouri explained to “Sky News Arabia” that the arrested Syrian is a gang leader, and there are those who offer him protection from armed militias, otherwise how can he offer a bribe of one and a half million? Egypt to restore security and stability.

The Libyan analyst does not expect the mercenaries to come out with political initiatives, “therefore, they must be expelled by force, because they have become occupiers of our country, and the Libyan army alone is able to expel them, because it is made up of the people of the country.”

Saad Miftah Al-Aker, Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Tobruk, believes that the presence of mercenaries complicates political life in any country, citing the experiences of countries with companies that bring in mercenaries.

He also pointed out in his speech to “Sky News Arabia” that as long as the Syrian mercenaries continue their heinous crimes, the divisions will remain in Libya.

Earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the confessions of the Syrian mercenary called “Ahmed A.”, that he stormed with his colleagues the homes of Libyans and stole them on orders from the militias during the Fayez Al-Sarraj government, while facilitating the crimes of prostitution.

And in May 2020, the Libyan street was angered after the kidnapping of a Libyan girl named “Wisal” in Tripoli by Syrian mercenaries.

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