Medical warning.. Psychological and physical risks to children due to a “drink”

The British study revealed that one in three children in the United Kingdom regularly drinks energy drinks, pointing out that up to 32 per cent of children drink them at least once a week, describing them as “harmful”.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal, warned that frequent consumption (5 or more cans per week) is linked to poor mental and physical health..

And York University researchers warn that young energy drinkers are more likely to have headaches, sleep problems, irritability and be excluded from school..

They also increase the odds of drinking alcohol and smoking by sipping caffeinated beverages, according to the study, which analyzed data from thousands of schoolchildren, as well as collecting evidence from around the world..

A single can of energy drink contains the same amount of caffeine as an espresso shot, plus other ingredients like guarana and taurine..

A moderate amount of caffeine per day is recommended, up to 400 mg for adults, but there is little research on tolerable levels for teens and children..

One can of the drink also contains more than the daily added sugar limit recommended for a child by the National Health Service in Britain, an adult. 19-24 grams per day, depending on age.

“While more research is needed to track the effects of energy drinks on children who drink them, our research has uncovered consistent evidence of links between regular consumption of these drinks and adverse effects on children’s health in general,” said study lead author Claire Koga.

And she continued: “Our study also indicates that children who are better aware of the contents of energy drinks, drink less, suggesting that an educational campaign or more explicit warnings on the packaging, can reduce consumption..”

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