In the midst of its economic crisis, Iran is developing ballistic missiles

Iran (Associated Press) 02/09/2022 23:50

Iran.. ballistic missile development destabilizes the region

  • Tehran calls the missile “Citadel Destroyer”
  • The missile has a range of 1450 km

In conjunction with the ongoing negotiations in ViennaOn the Iranian nuclear program, Tehran unveiled a new ballistic missile with a range of 1,450 kilometers, which it called the “Fortress Destroyer”.

The semi-official Tasnim news agency reported that the disclosure of The new missile This was done during a visit by senior army commanders to the missile bases of the Revolutionary Guards.

The agency described the long-range ballistic missile as a “third generation” and highly accurate, and said that the Revolutionary Guards had developed it locally.

She explained that the new missile works on solid fuel, and that it is capable of penetrating missile shields with a high maneuverability during the landing phase.

State television showed the new surface-to-surface missile “Kyber Shekan”, according to Reuters.

Tehran rejects Western demands to stop its ballistic missile development activities.

Iranian missile failure

The Iranian announcement of the new missile brings to mind the failure of Tehran’s previous experiments, the most recent of which was at the beginning of this year, when the missile it launched into space failed to put its payloads into orbit after failing to reach the required speed, according to what a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense revealed. Iranian state television.

The spokesman, Ahmed Hussein, said: “In order for the missile to place its payload, it must reach a speed higher than 7600 meters per second, stressing that the missile reached a speed of 7,350.”

Tehran is not only paying the price for the failure of its experiments, but also loses the money it spends on its military programs, amid a severe economic crisis.

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