For the first time in Egypt, a Christian holds the presidency of the Supreme Constitutional Court

And a judicial source revealed to “Sky News Arabia” that the two decisions came due to “the presence of health barriers that prevent the President of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Counselor Saeed Marei, from exercising his work duties,” and “accordingly, the General Assembly of the Court met and approved the procedures for referring him to retirement and appointing a new chief of the court to succeed him.” “.

Accordingly, the Egyptian President issued Resolution No. 50 of 2022 referring Marei to the pension, and Resolution No. 51 of 2022 appointing Counselor Paul Fahmy as head of the Supreme Constitutional Court with the rank of minister, as of Wednesday.

According to the biography of the new president of the court, he is Paul Fahmy Iskandar Boulos, the fourth oldest vice president of the court, and he was born in Cairo Governorate on January 1, 1957.

Paul Fahmy obtained a Bachelor of Laws from Cairo University in 1977, and a diploma from the Atlanta Research Institute in the United States in Judicial Administration in 1994, and attended a training of trainers course from the American University in Cairo in 1999.

In the history of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court, which was established more than 50 years ago, this is the first time that a Christian has assumed its presidency.

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