TRENDING NOW: Mohamed Assaf launches the name "Rayan" He was born in honor of the Moroccan child.. Coincidence or measure

Morocco (now trending) – 02/08/2022. 20:18

Trending now: The Palestinian artist “Mohammed Assaf” gave birth to his first child, which he named “Ryan”, after the Moroccan child who died as a result of falling into the well a few days ago.

Artist’s announcementasafAbout this news, and caused a stir on social media, especially by choosing the name “Ryan” for his first child.

Congratulations and blessings poured out on the Palestinian artist after the happy news spread, and the pioneers of the social media commented on his choice of this name, which was associated with a child whose story occupied the world “Rayan”.

Reactions were different… Rahaf wrote: “Rayyan has died and a story whose heroine was Morocco ended. Rest in peace, my love. A new Rayan was born. We wish him long life, health and wellness.”

And in another completely different comment, “Etty” said: And will the label restore a soul that was lost in the well..! Why rise and rise above the wounds of others..! Why does the work of brave heroes like Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah not work instead of these clumsy slogans and hollow deeds?

News and technical pages revealed that the singer named his son this name in memory of the child “Ryan”, which caused a little confusion in the comments and tweets.

“Mona”, for example, wrote in her comment: “For people who do not know #Muhammad_Assaf from a long time ago, he called his son Rayan.”

The tweeter “Dado” joined the previous tweet in spreading this information, as she tweeted: “The name of Rayan before the marriage of #Mohamed_Assaf. We know that he wants to name it for his first child, and no one says it was Abu Khaled or Abu Walid, because in the end we knew that it was over Rayan. His life did not stop on a trend, a coincidence, and Glory be to God, this is what happened, and if we assume that he is named after the child Ryan, this is something that will simplify and not be upset.

The tweeter “Hanan” criticized those who criticize his choice of name, saying: “It’s normal, and let’s assume Assaf named him after an innocent child whose case shook world public opinion…on the contrary, it would have been a nice initiative from him.”

Like other stars of the Arab world, he offered his condolences to the child Rayan through his account on “Twitter” after his death was announced, but he did not mention if the name he chose was after the Moroccan “child Rayan”.

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